L to R:  Back Row:  Stew Gillies, Doug Galletly, Ian Todd, Don Turnbull.  Front Row:  Brian Kelly, Gav Thomas

Lucky chaps did the Sea Survival Course at RAF Mountbatten, from Summer Camp at St Mawgan in 1984 .  Photo taken after we had been deposited on the front lawn of the Officers’ Mess.  The sea in Plymouth Sound was so rough that the Sea King could not put us on the pitching MT Launch so we’re winched up and flown straight back to the Mess.  My memory is of a huge swell – one minute you could see others on the crest of their waves, the next you were in a deep trough surrounded by blue/green sea.  Not too pleasant an experience after lunch – stroganoff I seem to remember – tend to recall things when you see it twice!  Memory fails me – but did the Gemini Safety Rib overturn as well?