In Nov 15, Sqn Ldr Mark Baker and Flt Lt Niall Pairman, both ex- UGSAS and both 6 Sqn RAF Lossiemouth, brought 2 Typhoon Jets into a very wet and dreich Glasgow Airport. Mark had been a student on 60 Cse in the late 1990s when another two ex-UGSAS members, Stuart Atha and Mark “Doc” Lewis had flown into Glasgow in their Harrier jets to give a presentation to the students. Mark was thoroughly impressed and vowed that one day he would do the same. He did – by the skin of his teeth, arriving on the penultimate day of his tour as a Flt Cdr on 6 Sqn and returning to Lossiemouth on his last day. Niall gave a barnstorming talk at night which went down very well with the students (after the obligatory curry at the Koh-I-Noor).  The Typhoons departed the next day in rain….. well it is Glasgow after all….

Mark and Niall on the “Royal Pan” at Area Juliett with UGSAS members.