XUAS Ghost Squadron arrives at EGNS

We took advantage of the one good day (Saturday) this past weekend to position our Bulldogs (xx667 aka G-BZFN and xx546 aka G-WINI) at Ronaldsway (EGNS), Isle of Man, in preparation for the final push through to Prestwick for the UGSAS 75th reunion weekend.

The day’s sorties proceeded with Yusuf Jafry (’46 Entry) flying xx667 from EGNS to Blackpool (EGNH), and Sandy Bole (’47 Entry) flying xx546 from EGSF (Peterborough-Connington) to Blackpool, for a rendezvous. A quick refuel at Blackpool, and we departed in formation from EGNH to EGNS. The following video captures the latter part of the sortie, taken from a cockpit camera mounted in G-WINI, the number two aircraft. For fun/practice, we performed an albeit VFR radar-vectors-to-ILS approach into Ronaldsway, in formation. The video captures the entire approach, including the rather enjoyable run-in-and-break-to-land on runway 26 at Ronaldsway. ATC enjoyed it, too.

Our next plan is to route from Isle of Man to Prestwick on Thursday 29 September, and position ourselves at the Prestwick Flight Centre (Apron Echo) for the weekend of the 75th event. From there, we expect to fly some fun sorties around the area, possibly including Macrihanish, Islay, etc. We may also visit Glasgow Airport sometime over the weekend (TBD). We may have three Bulldogs present, if Dave Rae can make it in from down south…and there is a very slight possibility of a fourth Bulldog (TBD).

If anyone who is interested in seeing the Bulldogs — or indeed having a flight, please come to Prestwick Flight Centre over the weekend and we’ll do what we can, weather-permitting.  We’ll update this Blog with progress/status e.g., informing you if we actually make it to Prestwick, given the unpredictable weather of late. If the weather doesn’t comply, we will arrive in Glasgow on commercial flights in order to attend the 75th dinner.

[XUAS (“ex UAS”) is a newly-formed “squadron” with xx667/JAFRY and xx546/BOLE as the founding members. Our mission is to continue enjoying the memories of all things UAS, including flying our Bulldogs as often as we can. Anyone with an association with the UAS is most welcome to “join” though there is no actual membership process. For now, simply register your potential interest by commenting on this Blog. Basically, we thought it would be a good idea to create some kind of loose forum for ex-UAS types to communicate. It seems there are quite a few of such people keen to make contact, whether it be around flying or social engagements.]