I have prepared this post on behalf of Sandy Bole (’47 Entry). If any offence is caused, please do not shoot the messenger. Instead, please complete the relevant Complaints Form and send it to Sandy Bole directly

Sandy Bole, RAF Binbrook 1984. LTF. Summer detachments don’t get much better….?!sb1

John Craven (‘JC’) OC UGSAS at EGPF area 100. Doing a very good Dirk Bogart impression and before reaching into that top left pocket for that packet of Craven A’s for the debrief…..SB2.jpg

Ronnie Haughey. The only man (except Austin Powers) to have been Cryogenically frozen. XX559 doing post start-up’s . SqdLdr Craven and Andy Presland flying.sb3

Chris Marrison 1984 EGPF area 100. Posing next to XX702 note blue /white spinner for the aircraft spotters out there…sb4

RAF Woodvale 1985. Callum Murray. Fighting back the worst of a heavy night in Southport and facing a ‘Mandy’ flight with Bob Little. I am sure there was a call going into Ester Rantzen’s Childline after the debrief?!!sb5

Woodvale 1985 Summer Camp. Andy (ok, Ya?!) Presland takes a break from standing on the top of wedding cakes to pose next to XX611. Me thinks slightly ‘angst’ after a near death brush the previous night with the Gschneider?!!sb6

EGPF 1984 Area 100. Ronnie Haughey gives the double thumbs down to Andy Presland after he shuts down following a sortie with Boss Craven. Presland thinks he means the mags are off but in fact Haughey has just seen ‘I Claudius’on BBC2 and is telling Presland that he’s about to slain later by the Thursday night Gschneider…..sb7

Bole taps the D.I in XX559 thinking ‘My goodness is that the time’?!  Those Bulldogs didn’t have much nav kit in them in 1984 now did they…..?!!sb8

1984 Bole looks to step into the office of XX702 at Area 100 EGPF. Obviously, taking care that the cockpit was well ventilated as Galletly had previously ‘enjoyed’ a Curry the night before at the Shish Mahal (affectionately referred to as the ‘Shit Ma Hole’)…sb9

RAF St Mawgan 1984 Summer Camp. The cleansing light of dawn falls upon our three 47entry ‘vampires’. Sadly, it wasn’t blood they were enjoying the previous evening.  Like a puppy next to a pile of poo; Mr Chas(‘Hi-Di-Hi’) Maclean looking particularly guilty…..?!!sb10

Maclean, Bole and Cowie. RAF St Mawgan Summer Camp 1984. ‘Volunteers’ to take a parachute course at the Cornwall Parachute Centre. Chas(aka “ what’s a pretty young girl doing in a place like this?”) Maclean with that devilish grin, Bole soon to have 3 Adam’s apples after overtightening the crotch straps on his parachute  and Brian Cowie covering the lid on his sandwich box of 2 rounds of egg &cress on a white bloomer…sb11

RAF St Mawgan 1984. Monte Carlo Start……Taxiing the Bulldogs back to the hangar at the end of a packed flying day. Note please APO Ian (aka ‘Toddy’, ‘Dobin’ and sometimes ‘skeletor’) Todd in his blues in the right seat of XX702sb12

RAF Woodvale 1985. XX702, 611 and 556 being refuelled.  News of the ‘Peace Camp’ at RAF Woodvale starts to be leaked to the local press following the first week of camp. Bob Little’s plan to drop Napalm on the camp is vetoed by Support Command….sb13

RAF Woodvale 1985.  Insufficient room in the Woodvale Mess meant that some lucky chaps were displaced into accommodation in Southport.  Were they mad? Chas Maclean looking remarkably lively after a week of sleep deprivation and Tim Wells giving him the ‘walk of shame’ for not knowing his checks?!!sb14

RAF Woodvale 1985 Summer Camp. Gentlemen, I give you Mr John Anderson. They got Sadam Hussain, Col Gaddaffi, Osama Bin Laden and Yasser Arafat…… it took a while and despite Boss Craven’s failed attempt to gift Mr Anderson to Portndown Research establishment he received another posting….  The MT ride from the GUU to the flying element was never quite the same but at least it didn’t cost you a Mars Bar or a can of coke to get on the bus?!sb15

RAF Woodvale 1985 Summer Camp. Bole models the new Mk2 cod piece. He never seems to get those parachute straps right…..?!sb16

RAF Woodvale 1985. APO Don Hegarty, Yusuf (Jafres) Jafry, Tim Wells and John Kilgour shoot the breeze under the wing of XX611.  John Kilgour about to remove the rear part of his head with the Curtis fuel drain valve on the port wing. Note Jafry wearing a pair of PFB ‘Budgie wings’ on his flying suit. He obviously felt it appropriate to celebrate these by being a founding father of the now infamous 1985 Woodvale Peace Camp….sb17

RAF Woodvale Summer Camp 1985. Under the wing of XX559 left to right: Ian (Audrey) Hepburn, Chas(Big Chas) Maclean, Don Heggarty, Jim Helfer, Callum Murray, Yusuf (Jafres) Jafry,  Sandy(Big Sand) Bole, Andy (okay Ya) Presland, Colin Hamilton, Gerry French. On top of wing wearing the ‘Ops Hat’ (courtesy of CloCo The Clown ) Jim McCall.sb18

RAF StMawgan Summer Camp 1984. Flt Lt Bob Little.  Eagerly awaiting the post flight debrief in Bob’s School For Tough Love.  The moustache style being a modelled here later to become a regular feature of the soon to blossom adult movie industry…….sb19