Sat 1st Oct was a special day for UGSAS. The formal celebrations of the Squadron’s 75th Anniversary began at Park Circus at 1200. Coincidentally, we also played host to Air Marshal Stuart Atha that day on an official visit to take over as the Squadron’s senior mentor. By 1300, many people had returned to their first Officers’ Mess to meet up with old acquaintances and have a look around to see what has changed – the most talked about topic being where the bar now was. The “Meet and Greet” was going like a fair and finally finished around 1530, when everyone had to go and prepare for the evening bash… although the Bon Accord played host to some in between events! Simultaneously, Andy Lawless was welcoming 4 Scottish Aviation Bulldogs on the UGSAS Pan at Glasgow Airport – Dave Rae, Kerr Johnston, Yusuf Jafry and Sandy Bole, all ex-UGSAS, being the lucky owners

Around 1830, some 200 current and past members, their partners and spouses plus friends of UGSAS gathered in the Hilton Glasgow for what was an absolutely tremendous night of camaraderie and fun – did anyone actually manage to drink all the wine at their table? There were still many people in the bar gone 0300, the UGSAS songbook having emerged as well at that point

Thanks to everyone who came along and made the night so special – a fitting tribute to the UK’s best UAS. If anyone has photos from the evening that they would like to share with others then please e-mail them to me, Doug Galletly, at I can either post them on this website via a blog page or give you permission to upload them yourself with your own comments.